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Home Safety

Home Safety

The home is the most common location for children under five to have an accident. This may come as a surprise as we don't always get to hear about accidents in the home. The most common accident is falls, and other accidents include burns and scalds, poisoning, choking and suffocation. It is essential that child safety in the home is taken seriously, and many of the measures to keep children safe come down to making a few simple changes, with many of them at no cost. Quite often children are looked after by grandparents and other family members so make sure their homes are a safe place for your children too.

Every year over one million children under the age of 15 experience home accidents for which they are taken to accident and emergency departments for treatment. Over 200,000 of these children will require further treatment of some sort and nearly 50,000 of these are admitted to hospital*. Many more are treated by GPs and by parents and carers at home.

Safety is everyone's responsibility so by refreshing your knowledge on accidents in the home you will be playing your part in helping to reduce home accidents.

To check your knowledge on safety issues please also see the Parents' Safety Check.

*Department of Trade and Industry Home Accident Surveillance System 2002. London DTI.